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We hope to be a collaborative community website about everything related to Chrome OS! As you can tell, there isn't much on this Wiki currently. This is a MAJOR work in progress in need of enough contributors to make it worthwhile. Let's all do our best!

The goal of this Wiki is to act as the encyclopedia for anything and everything related to Chrome OS and Chrome OS hardware. We hope to one day catalog as much info as possible, including (but not limited to), information about all the software features, easy-access tutorials, and a page for every Chrome OS device ever made (plus pages for rumored devices and device commits).


Chrome OS is an operating system designed by Google based on the Linux kernel. It uses the Google Chrome web browser as its principal user interface, and supports applications developed for the Android mobile operating system and Linux (beta).

Chrome OS has an integrated media player and file manager. It supports Chrome Apps, which resemble native applications, as well as remote access to the desktop. Android applications started to become available for the operating system in 2014, and in 2016, access to Android apps in the entire Google Play Store was introduced on supported Chrome OS devices. Chrome OS is only available pre-installed on hardware from Google manufacturing partners, but there are unofficial methods that allow it to be installed in other equipment. An open source equivalent, Chromium OS, can be compiled from downloaded source code. Early on, Google provided design goals for Chrome OS, but has not otherwise released a technical description.

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